Logan is sick and he can't go anywhere. So, Ty and Flynn keep him company.When CeCe, Rocky, Gunther and Tinka arrives in school they want to take a picture of themselves,i n the back side of the picture they see Chase and Molly kiss each other. They go to them and they threaten them that they would send the picture to everybody at the university except if they give to Rocky and Tinka the spotlight dance and say to the host that they are not actually ready. They say no and Cece directly send it to everyone before Chase and Molly say Ok, Ok.When everyone in school speaks about them, they say to CeCe and the others that from now they are officially enemies. Meanwhile, Ty and Flynn play paintball and they break some things. They hide them but when Georgia comes back from the supermarket she freakes when she sees this mess. Also, she discover that they broke things and she punishes them to clean all the house.