Rocky and the gang are in Miami to dance on Shake It Up, Miami!. Surprisingly, Rocky meets Austin Moon and Ally Dawson. Rocky realizes that she likes Austin and she tell it to everybody who they are in shock and they tell her to follow her heart except Logan who is sad with this and Gunther and Tinka who say her to impress him. When Rocky leaves to meet Austin, Logan tells CeCe that he is very unhappy with all this and he says that he loves Rocky. Then,CeCe gives him a friendly advice. Meanwhile, Rocky try to find Austin and when she finds him at pizzeria he kisses Ally. Then, she understand that they are in love. Next day, the gang dance on SIU, Miami. When they travel to New York, Logan says to Rocky that he loves her, she understands that he is the right guy for her and they kiss each other. In the ending,Ty realizes that he was sleeping and he was left in Miami.